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Personal Work

These are personal sketches and projects I like to do outside of work.

Brian yam trad1

Reseda Blvd-
Traditional plein air
acrylic on canvas 9 x12

Brian yam sky castlesa

Sky Tower1

Brian yam 00b sky castles

Sky Tower2

Brian yam blahc

Castle sketch speed paint

Brian yam 00a stranded

Castle doodle

Brian yam finworld sketch
Brian yam lake2
Brian yam personal sketch
Brian yam abstract demo flat

Extracting form from a metal texture surface

Brian yam city painting flat fin

Personal painting used for a class demo on technique

Brian yam edens wrath

Mech hangar sketch for a show

Brian yam 10 pepperfly post

Pepper at it again-
Painting about my cat

Brian yam pepper2

Ink wash Portrait of Pepper

Brian yam 09 e string theory

String Theory- Watercolor piece for Nucleus charity based on my cats

Brian yam 08 cat tow

Cat Tow-
Watercolor piece for Nucleus charity based on my cats

Brian yam memory sketch
Brian yam jungle
Brian yam paint jpg
Brian yam castle ruins flat
Brian yam sketch

Experimental sketch with a new brush

Brian yam environment bot thumb
Brian yam factory copy

After work sketch-
I love sci-fi!

Brian yam naughty dog

Color sketch of where I was sitting at Naughty Dog

Brian yam cryptb cda

Something medieval

Brian yam lift off

Tribute to Stephan Martiniere

Brian yam don t mess w mars

Don't @#$%&*!! Mess with Mars!

Brian yam shot 05 alleyb
Brian yam shot 04 alleyb1
Brian yam shot 06 alley looking up
Brian yam shot 08 main st
Brian yam doodle1

Sketching motorcycles for practice

Brian yam doodle2

Sketching motorcycles for practice

Brian yam doodle3

Sketching motorcycles for practice