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SCEA prop design projects

Various prop designs done for Insomniac Games and Naughty Dog when I was working in both studios.

Brian yam 29 shangri la doo flat new

Shambhala gate design in context

Brian yam 29 shangrila animation seq

Shambhala gate opening design and mechanics sheet

Brian yam 03 door gear mech

Shambhala gate opening crank wheel

Brian yam 28 garuda copy

Mural panel puzzle design- Garuda

Brian yam 30 statue face ortho

Uncharted 2- Dagger key slot

Brian yam 26 final crossbow turnaround

Uncharted 2- Double crossbow

Brian yam r2 line sketches b

Resistance 2 boss tower

Brian yam r2 line sketchesb

Base design

Brian yam r2 line sketchese

Chimera mothership